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PSD2 exemptions

The PSD2 exemptions object indicates whether a transaction qualifies for a PSD2 exemption and if yes – for which one. In case a transaction qualifies for any of the supported PSD2 exemption types – out of scope, recurring, low-value or low-risk – you can use these values downstream. If more than one exemption type applies to one transaction, the response includes all applicable exemptions.

Response example

"frg_trans_id": "818588a739bf529302f3bf3b9c100b3e",
"fraugster_approved": 1,
"psd2": {
"raise_exemption": true,
"exemption_types": ["low_value", "low_risk", "recurring_transaction"]

The following table gives more details on the psd2 field and its components.

raise_exemptionBoolean. True when the transaction qualifies for an exemption.
exemption_typesDetermines the type of exemption applicable to the transaction. Possible values:
  • out_of_scope: The transaction is out of scope for PSD2 (eg. issuer outside of EEA).
  • low_value: The transaction is of low value (eg. the value of the transaction is under €30).
  • low_risk: The transaction is assessed by our Engine as low risk.
  • recurring_transaction: The transaction is a recurring transaction with the exact same amount.
  • corporate_payment: The transaction is of B2B type.