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Dashboard overview

Fraugster provides you with a wide range of real-time charts and links to transactions. It gives you useful insights into the performance of your business.

Visual diagrams and representations come directly from the data in the Fraugster Engine. The Dashboard is highly interactive and the charts get updated as the underlying data changes.

You land in the Dashboard when you log in to your Fraugster account. The charts display the metrics for a predefined period of time. Choose a date range from the filter on the top-left side of the page to see all charts, graphs, and other panels’ data for the chosen range. A quick range selection is also available, for example Last 7 days, Last 30 days, or Last 6 months.

Please note: Fraugster displays transactions that are up to 12 months old.

All of your transactional data and charts can be filtered by a specific merchant or sub-merchant. Find the filter in the upper-left corner of the page.


Use to pin the date and merchant filters across all pages of your account where the filters apply. For the merchant filter, the pin becomes visible when you select at least one merchant.

The Fraugster Dashboard is divided into the following sections:

  • Final approval rate
  • Transactions overview
  • Fraud cases and Fraugster decline rate
  • Decline distribution
  • Transactions summary

Fraud Management SaaS users also see the following additional KPIs:

  • Rule hits distribution per rule action
  • Top 5 decline rules/lists

Final approval rate

The final approval rate chart is located in the upper-left corner of the page. If you change the time range, the chart updates automatically to display the data of the newly selected range. By default, the chart displays the last week's data.

The value tab displays the monetary value of your transactions, while the count tab shows the count of the transactions that reached Fraugster via the Fraugster API.

The final approval rate is calculated based on the status of the transactions regardless of Fraugster’s decision. All transactions that received the status are considered when calculating your final approval rate. Read more in Final approval rate calculation.

Transaction overview

The Transaction overview chart shows you the most recent traffic trends. Additionally to the line chart, you can find the most recent transactions received by the Fraugster API. Select See all results in Transactions to navigate to the Transactions page.

Fraud cases and Fraugster decline rate

In this section, you find an overview of your fraud cases as well as the Fraugster decline rate. Switch between tabs to see different metrics. Depending on the selected tab, the bar charts change in real time displaying the fraud cases detected. Hover over a bar to see the percentage of the cases.

A short overview of the recent declined transactions is also available. Hover over a transaction ID to have the icon displayed. Select it to copy the Fraugster ID to clipboard.

Chargeback Protection users see the icon next to the fraud cases which Fraugster is liable for. Find out more about how Fraugster calculates the fraud rate in Fraud rate calculation.

Geographic distribution

The geographic distribution allows Fraud Management SaaS users to understand the geographic impact of fraudulent activity. While sometimes the volume of fraud in one country may be low, it may still have a high financial impact on your business (and vice versa). We have therefore recently upgraded this graph to allow results to be viewed by volume (count) and financial impact (value) to give you deeper analytical insights into geographic fraud trends.