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Fraugster products

Fraugster products offer risk management decisions in real time based on the transaction data you send via the API. This is the data you make available for the enrichment and AI analysis. Fraugster Engine then splits each transaction into hundreds of attributes and taps into data across our business network to predict whether a payment is likely to be fraudulent.

Our API design grants you access to the Fraugster products with one API integration, and allows for a smooth transition between them.

Chargeback Protection

If you opt for Chargeback Protection as a product, Fraugster takes full financial liability for every fraudulent transaction and covers all your chargebacks and chargeback fees. You only pay for approved transactions. To provide this service, we require the data sent via the Fraugster API to have the minimum established quality level. Please refer to your contract for more information and make sure the required datapoints are covered in the integration.


The data quality required by the contract is not enforced technically by the API. That is, an API request with missing datapoints does not receive a status code 400. It is captured by the API and processed by the Fraugster Engine. However, if the data quality of an approved transaction is not sufficient, Fraugster does not take liability for it.

Fraud Decisions as a Service

In Fraud Decisions as a Service, you trust Fraugster's experts to manage your risk for you. A dedicated portfolio manager ensures optimal performance. You benefit from everything the Chargeback Protection product offers with one exception – you're not covered by the chargeback protection.

Some of the features this product offers include transparent algorithms, rich reports, performance analytics, and in-depth KPIs analysis.

Fraud Management SaaS

In Fraud Management SaaS, the data that you send via the API defines the set of datapoints and attributes available to you during the rule creation. You create fraud prevention rules as granular as the data allows and the business requires.

Rules allow you to take action whenever a payment matches a criteria that you define. For each transaction, Fraugster evaluates risk, so you can use this information also to create unique business logic.

Some of the features this product offers include performance monitoring, alerts on sudden performance changes, and rule simulations.

The more data you send to the Fraugster API, the more granular and specific you can be in detecting behavioral patterns and catching fraud behavior.

Did you know?

Fraugster Engine gives each transaction a numerical risk score between 1 and 100, where 1 is the least risky and 100 is the riskiest. You decide what your blocking threshold should be according to your business needs. For example, your business may have low fraud rates. In this case, you may want to set a high default score at which Rule manager blocks a transaction. This allows more payments to go through. Alternatively, you may want to customize the score in order to decrease fraud even further. In this case, you might want to pick a rather low default score in your rules. This allows Rule manager to block potentially fraudulent transactions more aggressively.